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Our services

We work concentrated to provide an exemplary service. Our philosophy is to respond to the individual needs of each client with the utmost dedication, care and integrity.

Our dedicated employees work closely with you to provide you with a personalized approach that provides the highest level of service, advice and support you need. Whether you intend to acquire a property or a piece of land, to spend a holiday or to plan a rental for a long-term stay.

We offer an individually tailored all-inclusive package to meet all your needs. We understand the real estate market in Egypt and commit ourselves to the highest achievements. You can be sure that no other supplier will do more to satisfy you.

Realty management

Real estate management can be a complicated business. That’s why you need a dedicated team that works for you and guides you in the right direction. For a small fee we take care of your property, whether you are here or not and make sure your guests come back again and again.

Project management

From the initial feasibility study to full project management consulting, we provide comprehensive and flexible design services.

We can offer the following services:

  • New construction according to your specifications in cooperation with our architect, your project manager and the construction consultancy.
  • Contractually and under Egyptian law legally secured sales of land, commercial space and real estate of all kinds as well as short- or long-term lettings.
  • Assistance in obtaining Egyptian long-term visas, organizational support for mixed national family issues under Egyptian law.
  • “Meet and Greet” Airport Service: Our representative will meet you at Luxor Airport or, if required, also Hurghada with refreshments and bring you to your accommodation in our air-conditioned minibus. Whether it’s just a “pick up,” a “return,” or a two-way service, you can be sure we’ll be there in case of flight delays.
    This service is available for Luxor Airport from the East Bank for 350 EGP (two ways) or as low as 200 EGP (one way). For the same service from the West Bank we charge 500 EGP (two ways) or 300 EGP (one way). The prices for a comparable service from / to Hurghada are from East-and Westbank 2.000 EGP (two ways) or 1.100 EGP (one way).

We also offer a comprehensive tourism program:

If required, you will receive round trips with trained, licensed, English-speaking tour guides. Our guide Mostafa El Tayeb will accompany you on all excursions. We have in our program trips to all the sights of Luxors such. The Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the Rammeseum, Medinet Habu, but also to lesser-known and yet worth seeing facilities such as the City of Workers El Medina or the tombs in the Valley of the Nobles. In our leisure program there are also experience highlights such as a flight with the hot air balloon, a ride on a camel, donkey or horse, a boat trip on the Nile to Banana Island, a quad rally or a trip to an oasis.

We know in Luxor the right medical care, every restaurant, every supermarket, every bank where you can withdraw money with a Visa card, we organize parties for every occasion and bring you on request as a guest in a real Egyptian family or wedding ,

Also beyond Luxor we offer excursions in the surrounding area such. Cruises on the Nile to Aswan for four to seven days or to Abel Simbel and the High Dam and of course to all other world-famous destinations such as Dendera, Abydos, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Esna and many more.

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You don´t know where to live in Luxor? Here we show you  the city parts of Luxor!

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